Metropolis (1927)

"We shall build a tower that will reach to the stars." Maria

☆ Masterpiece

Metropolis (1927) set the standard for the visuals and Special Effects in Sci-Fi films.

Directed by Fritz Lang.

Starring Alfred Abel, Gustav Frohlich, Rudolf Klein-Rogge and Brigitte Helm  among many others.

Metropolis is a German Expressionist silent film by Fritz Lang. Audiences flocked to theaters when it premiered to see a city one hundred years into the future. As I viewed it I was struck by how good the sets and FX are in this film. Fritz and his creative team created a film that transported me to a distant future like George Lucas did in Star Wars (1977). The special effects that Eugene Schuefftan created with cinematographic mirrors and Karl Freund's camera work, along with Otto Hunte's Art Deco sets, created an indelible mark on future film makers. Eugene, Otto and Karl's influence can be seen in movies like Blade Runner, Batman and Star Wars.
The Art Deco sets popularized its design movement throughout the 1930's and 1940's in Europe and America.

Metropolis is a fun movie to watch visually. The story is very straight forward,but its the visuals that make this a masterpiece. In the scene below I feel as though I'm in a futuristic factory where the workers move all in synchronization like a well oiled machine.

Trivia - The Yoshiara club is the name of the famous red light district in Tokyo.