Hugh Jackman Audition for Wolverine in X-Men

"So... couldn't wait to get my shirt off again." Wolverine

"So... couldn't wait to get my shirt off again." Wolverine

☆ Winning Audition

Hugh Jackman's winning audition for the part of Wolverine in X-Men.

Directed by Bryan Singer.

Starring, Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellan among many others.

The audition is taking place in a production office from the set designs on the wall behind Hugh. Note the camera angle they are filming the audition. I guess Singer had a certain style for the Wolverine look and wanted to see how Hugh would look  from that angle. Brian is auditioning Hugh personally. Hugh's confidence reminds me of Blake Lively's audition for Gossip Girl. Both came in knowing their lines, having clearly defined characters and brimming with confidence

Jackman has memorized the lines.This is his first audition with Singer. I can see that Hugh is playing Wolverine arrogantly. Brian asks Hugh to play Wolverine less cynical. Note, how Hugh adjusts quickly to Brian's direction. Nothing gets you a part faster than taking directions easily and quickly. Enjoy!

Trivia - Hugh was cast one and half months after principle photography was started. Hugh was relatively unknown at the time of his audition.