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About Me

I've been acting since I was seven years old. I Graduated from the Actors Studio MFA program among many other acting programs. I've trained and worked with some of the greatest acting teachers, directors and actors.

Our distribution company Digiworld Studios, Inc. first film was The Listening (In Ascolto). We took The Listening to the Academy Awards. The Listening was the first foreign film in the Academy's history to be Accredited for nomination in all US categories. It was also the first 4K digital film screened for Academy voting members at two locations in Los Angeles. We then sold The Listening in 114 countries

If you have an Oscar level film we can handle your movies Awards campaign and market, promote and sell it globally. We also advise film makers on editing, distribution, sales and promotion of their films.

Digiworld's focus is on Oscar caliber films with global appeal and a film makers unique vision. If you have a great film that no one will touch, because it is considered too controversial contact us via email.

Dan Armas