Meet Joe Black

"I don't know lightening could strike." Young man in coffee shop

"I don't know lightening could strike." Young man in coffee shop


Meet Joe Black (1998) is a beautiful and enchanting tale.

Directed by Martin Brest.

Starring Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins, Claire Forlani, Jeffrey Tambor and Marcia Gay Harden, Jake Weber.

Meet Joe Black (1998) is based on the 1934 film Death Takes a Holiday. The premise is enticing. In this version Death decides to have a look around our world and enlists Anthony as his guide. Brest takes a slow, languid pace to let the audience ponder the weight of our mortality and fragile existence. It's interesting how he does more close ups of Brad then Claire in their moments together. This is a film I hope to redo in the future.

This version is graced by wonderful performances all around. Jeffrey has a unique energy throughout the film that just makes you want to hug him. Claire's eyes and face convey the subtext alluded to her the lines. Marcia handles the melodrama with a such strong conviction that it seems genuine. Jake is so good at being detestible that I found myself disliking him from the start. Anthony Hopkins is riveting and so honest. Brad underplays his character and that makes him more powerful. The all around solid performances that elevate this film reminds me of Roman Polanski's, Carnage (2011).

Brad and Claire also had some great scenes together. In the scene below watch how Brad seduces Claire. The entire scene runs about 15 minutes and you can see the entire arch of how Brad seduces Claire.

Trivia - Gene Hackman was originally set to play Anthony's part.