True Romance

"You're an actor. Act motherfucker." Nicholson

"You're an actor. Act, motherfucker." Nicholson

☆ Classic 

True Romance (1993) is a mixture poetic violence and language that oddly assaults the senses pleasurably.

Directed by Tony Scott from a Quentin Tarantino screenplay.

Starring Christian Slater, Patricia Arquette, Dennis Hopper, Gary Oldman, Christopher Walken among many others.

True Romance is my favorite Tarantino script. Tony wisely chose to let his star cast improv and take their scenes to new heights. The violence at times is unnerving, but never out of place. The dialogue  is as good as Aaron Sorkin's in David Fincher's, The Social Network (2010).

The list of memorable performances is truly astounding. Starting with the trailer home scene between Christopher Walkin and Dennis Hopper. Followed closely by Gary Oldman's freaky Jamaican pimp, drug dealer. Brad Pitt's memorable stoner stole every scene he was in. While James Gandolfini's hit man with a conscience was scary to watch. Christian's best film work. Slater owned the role that had originally been offered to Brad. Patricia makes you fall deeply and madly in love with her honest, off center performance. Tom Sizemore and Chris Penn are dynamite together.

In the scene below Christopher and Dennis bring to new heights Quentin's magnificent dialogue. I love the playfulness of both actors. As the scene progresses their bond strengths and so does their admiration for each others work and the extraordinary dialogue.

Trivia - Dennis Hopper has said that the only words improvised in his scene with Christopher Walken were "eggplant and cantaloupe".