"Hang on tightly, let go lightly." Jack

"Hang on tightly, let go lightly." Jack

☆ Classic 

Croupier (1998) is an intelligent, taunt neo noir thriller.

Directed by Mike Hodges.

Starring Clive Owens, Alex Kingston and Gina McKee among many others.

Hodges creates a thriller that is elegant and intelligent without the usual violence associated with gambling films. Mike has Clive narrate the story as a third person as though he is writing a novel. The narration brings out the subtext within the scenes. Owens slick haired, detached characterization and supreme confidence reminds me of Alain Delon's character portrayal in Jean-Pierre Melville's, Le Samourai (1967). The ending Mike crafts really is surprising and effective.

Clive's performance brings together Hodges elegant direction and Paul Mayersberg taunt script. I have always thought that Owens would make an intelligent James Bond. In the scene below watch Clive's eyes reveal how truly he is captivated with Gina's beauty. Clive's honesty is his trade mark. I get the feeling that a gun to Clive's head could not get him to be dishonest in a moment. One of the most sincere actors working today.

Trivia - Disqualified for the Oscars due to it being first shown on Dutch Television.