Thunderstruck - ACDC

"You've been Thunderstruck." ACDC

"You've been Thunderstruck." ACDC

☆ Masterpiece 

Thunderstruck (1990) music video is a remarkable showcase for the powerful effect that music has on an audience.

Directed by David Mallet.

Starring ACDC.

ACDC's live performance at Donington in 1990 in front of over 150,000 people is remarkable in that it captures music's ability to unite humanity. In watching the music video directed by David Mallet I get a sense of the immense sea of humanity, the vast stadium grounds and the gargantuan stage in which ACDC performs. Mallet wisely chose to use regular and wide angle lenses to capture the performers, the audience and the setting. He then uses montages to go back and forth between the audiences perspective and the performers perspective to bring to life the experiences of both the performers and the audience viewing the performance.

In the scene below watch how the crowd responds in unison to the performers on stage. Great performers use the entire length of the front of the stage. In this case the stages length runs the length of an American Football field (100 yards). Veteran stage performers know that you need to reach out not only to audience members at the front of the stage, but those on the sides, middle and back of venue. Notice how many camera crews are operating on and off stage. I count 5 camera crews offstage in the front center of the stage alone. How Angus manages to play this song at that speed for the entire song is beyond my comprehension.

Trivia - Angus Young said the birth started with a little riff he had created on his guitar, then his brother Malcolm said he had a good rhythm idea that would sit in the back. They then built the song from that.