Cat Observations

Francine the Cat from Turino

I've had the chance for the first time in my life to study house cats for an extended period. I'm using broad generalities, but I need a starting point to get my observations out of my subconscious. Let me start by saying that, I'm a dog person. I grew up with dogs in my homes. Dog's in my observation act more like a guy. Cats in my current observations act more like women. Cats like women keep themselves clean and tidy whereas, dogs like guys, like to be scruffy and unkept. Cats like women decide when to come and go and who to snuggle with. Dogs like guys will snuggle with anyone and if fed will never leave. One of the most fascinating cat discoveries for me at least, is that when cat's squint their eyes at you, they are smiling at you. A cat lover explained that to me, when I mentioned that their house cats were squinting at me when I smiled at them. Another thing is how predatory they are. Dogs, at least, domesticated ones that I and my friends have had, play not hunt. When dogs chase a bird, they do it so loud that the bird has plenty of time to fly away. Cats on the other hand, will hunt anything that comes into their home. They will even hunt insects that come into their home environment. As an actor this is useful for character work on a hunter type of character. Great for James Bond character type. Cat's hunt by first observing their intruder, no meowing or barking like a dog. If only a cat could bark, that would be soooo cool. Maybe, I can teach my next dog to meow like a cat. I could get all the free beer and hot babe's at every picnic and bar in town. Probably get inducted into the Mans Best Friend Hall of Fame or is that Hall of Shame! Anyways, back to cat's hunting. I've observed that when cats have tracked its movement they crouch low and slowly and silently pursue their prey. The victim is oblivious to the approaching cat. I've observed that a cat will use its tail  as a coiled spring to propel it up vertically. Maybe, the standing jump should be altered and have the jumpers in a coiled seated position. I'm thinking use the arms to balance and push with your butt. Not practical yet, but maybe, some trainer can take my coiled butt spring jump and develop into an Olympic event. Anyways, these are some of my cat observations. If you have any of your own post them in comments section. Enjoy!