The Social Network

"I'm not a bad guy." Mark

"I'm not a bad guy." Mark


The Social Network (2010) is a tale told by master story tellers.

Directed by David Fincher

Starring Jessie Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Armie Hammer and Justin Timberlake among many others.

David Fincher teamed with screen writer Aaron Sorkin to create a spellbinding film. Aaron's dialogue reaches the zenith of screen writing. Before viewing the film, I resisted watching it. I thought to myself, how could anyone make an entertaining film about the lives and loves of computer programmers? Well, the dynamic duo of Fincher and Sorkin did the impossible. These two genius created a riveting film that retells the drama and intrigue that has come to be known as Facebook. The complex story and directing of Sorkin and Fincher reminds me of Wei-Kueng Lau's, Infernal Affairs (2002).

What I will write about is just my observations from viewing the film, "The Social Network". The film is an account of Mark Zuckerberg, who famously built Facebook, by himself from a Harvard dorm room or did he? I leave that to each viewer to decide for themselves.

Jessie is eerily possessed throughout the film by his characters detached and amoral personality. Eisenberg takes Sorkin's rapturous dialogue and colors it with an emotionless delivery that is disturbing and sad.

Justin is simply mesmering in his role. Timberlake always surprises in his acting work. Justin has this very polished presence that is perfect for his character.

Armie's face plays the twins and he is brilliant in both roles. Physically Hammer had body double Josh Pence play one of the twins during scenes where both twins are on camera, as in the courtroom scene below. Hammer's face was then digitally grafted onto Pence's face during post production.

Andrew Garfield  had the tough job of playing a character that gets rejected. I enjoyed that Garfield chose to tone down his anger when he discovered he was betrayed. 

Anyways, the scene below is masterfully directed by David Fincher. Note how David goes from the courtroom to other scenes to explain the three versions of story being told by each character as written by Sorkin. All actors do superb justice to the writing of Aaron Sorkin.

Trivia - Aaron Sorkin the screen writer plays the advertising executive that Jessie and Andrew meet in NYC.