La Belle Verte - The Beautiful Green

"Who wants to go to Earth? No one? They're primitive, they still use cars and computers." Aliens

"Who wants to go to earth? No one? They're primitive, they still use cars and computers." Aliens


La Belle Verte - The Beautiful Green (1996) is a thought provoking Sci-Fi comedy.

Directed and starring Coline Serreau.

Starring Vincent Lindon and a very young Marion Cotillard.

Basically, you have a very funny Sci-Fi comedy written by members of Green Peace, NASA and French Satirists. I had to download the English subtitles to help with all the dialogue within each scene. I'm quite sure that there is even more humor and subtext that the English subtitles missed.

The broad and absurd comedy is where this film really shines. Take the scene below where an entire football game's players are transformed by Coline's telepathic abilities into dancers filled with love for all. The audience at attendance doesn't know whether to have their usual game riot or dance along with the transformed players. The slapstick comedy within this scene and throughout the film can be understood by any audience member in the world. Coline subtle use of holistic views through comedy to inform us is similar to Kim Ki Duk subtle use of Buddhist philosophy through drama in his film, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring (2003). Both films have a beautiful message that is unique and effortless.

The film gets you thinking about what we value in our lives. Instead of preaching and judging us for our materialistic culture we are lightly tapped on the shoulder with comedy. As an audience member I laughed most in the slapstick scenes that I could relate to what the characters were arguing and struggling with in their own lives. A wonderful film that is both entertaining and enlightening.

Trivia - Coline composed the original music score.