Midnight In Paris

"You always take the side of the help. That's why daddy says you're a communist." Inez

"You always take the side of the help. That's why daddy says you're a communist." Inez


Midnight In Paris (2011) is a magical romantic fantasy that sweeps you away nostalgically.

Directed by Woody Allen.

Starring Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdam's Marion Cotillard among many other great actors.

Midnight in Paris is a great escapist story.  The acting by everyone is superb and they all seemed to relish their role. Woody inspires his actor to go beyond the written word in the way Roman Polanski does with his actors in Carnage (2011).

My favorite acting moment on this film; among many great acting moments, is from the scene below.
Owen Wilson reveals in one scene (at start of the clip below) that he is engaged. This of course is a surprise and heartbreak for Marion Cotillard, who fancies Owen. Watch Marion in the next scene, subtly receive the useful tidbit from Owen and ...slowly, ...quietly, ....methodically figure out a graceful, civil French way of dealing with Owen's love interest.  Marion, has taken her character to a real moment. It is no longer a scene written and directed by Woody Allen. Watch her moment by moment in the scene below. First she listens, then she let's Owens revelations about his American Fiance affect her instrument and finally, we see Marion think menacingly with a smile. We as audience members get to see and feel and more importantly connect with Marion's dilemma. We can see Marion plotting how to get the upper hand on Owen's American dim-witted fiance, played brilliantly by Rachel McAdam's. Rachel was, so good at being dim-witted and mean that I started to dislike her character as much as Owen eventually does. Marion is subtly dazzling. So much so, that Woody changed the scene and camera setup and had Marion face the camera. Wilson is at his comedic best throughout the film. Owen in the scene below to me looks as though he is quietly searching for the camera and wondering why the camera is not on his best work ever.

As an audience member I was swept away by Woody's delightful script, masterful directing, Darius Khondji seductive camera work and the entire casts spellbinding performances.

As an actor I was mesmerized by everyone performances. This is the first film I have seen where every single actors work is Oscar level. They freely let go and inhabit not only their characters, but the time and place that Woody puts them in. Enjoy!

Trivia - Owen Wilson only met and spoke with director Woody Allen when filming began in France.