Келин - Kelin

Visually stunning cinematic masterpiece from Kazakhstan.

☆ Masterpiece 

Келин - Kelin (2009) is a visually stunning cinematic masterpiece.

Directed by Ermek Tursunov. Special mention to cinematographer Murat Aliyev.

Starring Gulsharat Zhubyeva, Turakhan Sadykova, Erzhan Nurymbet, Kuandyk Kystykbaev and Nurzhan Turganbayev.

I will be eternally grateful to a journalist from Kazakhstan who introduced me to Kelin. It's not often I come across a film of this caliber that was in the 2009 Oscars in the best foreign film category and no one I know had heard of it. Ermek along with his cinematographer Murat have created one of the most visually stunning films whose images have all the dialogue. The only film I can barely compare it to visually would be Michelangelo Antonioni's, L'Avventura (1960).  Michelangelo spent his entire career exploring stories visually and Ermek has taken the visual mantel even further.

Cinema is a visual medium with a language that transcends culture, ideology and even time itself. Tursunov suffered a concussion when he refused to alter even one second of his masterpiece and we are all blessed by his refusal to compromise his artistic vision.

In the scene below watch how two men bid silently for the daughter of the elderly man. The father graciously accepts each bidders offer and counter offer. The beauty of the entire scene is that anyone from any culture or background can easily follow the visual dialogue that Ermek and Murat present to us.