Un Chien Andalou

"Dali and I made a silent film about our dreams." Bunuel

"Dali and I made a silent film about our dreams." Bunuel


Un Chien Andalou (1929) is a silent short film masterpiece that revolutionized, scandalized, and forever changed cinema.

Directed by Luis Bunuel and co-written by Luis and Salvador Dali.

Starring Simone Marueil, Pierre Batcheff, Luis Bunuel and salvador dali among many others.

Bunuel and Dali showcased the potential of cinema to be more than just stories with narrative. It is a filmed with visuals and stories that don't make sense.

The key to understanding Un Chien Andalou is that it mirrors our dream world. Both Bunuel and Dali said they made it like their dreams. Luis was staying at Salvador's house in Paris. Bunuel told Dali about a dream he had of a cloud that sliced a full moon, like a razor slicing through an eye. Dali then told Bunuel about his dream of ants coming out of a hole in the palm of his hand. Dali suggested they start the movie right there. Bunuel asked his mother for a little money to make the short film. Dali and Bunuel wrote the screenplay while Bunuel acted and directed it. The film was completed in a few days. Luis and Salvador had only one rule; they would only film irrational images and not try to explain them. Just as their dreams had no logic or order so does their completed masterpiece.

I understand Bunuel on a spiritual level. When you watch Un Chien Andalou or especially Bunuel's later films, let the images Luis gives you, help you create your own story. Bunuel's images can mean anything you want them to mean, just like your dreams, which can be interpreted anyway you want. Make this irrational film, as rational as you would your dreams. Enjoy!

Trivia - The priest who is being dragged with the piano is Salvador Dali.