"The important thing is the effort, not what we achieve." Mr. Volger

"The important thing is the effort, not what we achieve." Mr. Volger


Persona (1960) is a cinematic jewel from Sweden.

Directed by Ingmar Bergman.

Starring Liv Ullmann and Bibi Andersson among others.

The essence of Persona is, one person taking on the persona of another person to help them heal mentally. The taking on of anothers persona plays an important role at the end of Jean-Luc Godard's A Bout De Souffle (Breathless) when Jean Seberg's character takes on the persona of Jean-Paul Belmondo's character who was taking on the film persona of Humphrey Bogart. Persona is Ingmar's personal journey of finding truth in the Illusion and Reality we create for ourselves. The end result is a breathtakingly poetic visual journey into who we are and how others perceive us.

As an actor I add the Persona's of humans, animals, plants, and inanimate objects to my being on a daily basis. I take on these persona's in my real life and the film characters of movies I'm watching. This helps me to understand that person and their world better and helps me grow as a human being. Children naturally take on  persona's of people, animals, plants and inanimate objects and create imaginary friends and worlds. These persona's help children to understand and cope with the ever increasing complexity that this world slowly unwraps as they are growing up. My childhood friends found one persona they liked, understood and went about developing it fully. I found myself developing many persona's and storing them away to play with later at my choosing. I don't know and care why I never outgrew this childhood ability and just stuck with one persona. Maybe I'm still a child who has not learned how to cope with the complexity that the universe unfolds for me daily.

Anyways, in the scene below Bibi (In the background with Liv's husband) has taken on Liv's (foreground) persona to help Liv to such a deep level that Liv's equally mentally disturbed husband thinks Bibi is really his wife Liv. Basically, in this visually operatic scene Ingmar is showing us through his cinema that we create our truth from the illusion and reality that the universe gives us.  Enjoy!

Trivia - Alma's name in Spanish means "Soul".