Dodookdeul - The Thieves

"So I understand you deflowered my girl." Chewing Gum

"So I understand you deflowered my girl." Chewing Gum

Well Made

Dodookdeul - The Thieves (2012) a heist movie with lots of character development.

Directed  and written by Dong-Hoon Choi.

Starring Yun-Seok Kim, Hye-Su Kim, Jung-Jae Lee, Simon Yam, among many others.

Though Choi has great looking, sexy actors they are portrayed as real humans with deep faults, no glossing over their inherit criminal desires. What makes Choi's characters come to life is the individual back stories that Choi weaves throughout the film for each and every character. This technique helps an audience member understand why Choi's criminals do what they do. I counted 10 main characters and Choi managed to have all their pasts brought into the film as the main story unfolded. Choi's detailed heist harks back to the original Heist caper, Jules Dassin's, Rififi (1955).

Dodookdeul  has multiple plot twists and somehow Choi never lost or confused  me as an audience member. Choi kept me guessing throughout the entire film as to where the story and the characters were going.

The film has locations and sets that rival a James Bond film. It starts in Busan, South Korea then goes to Macao and finishes in Hong Kong. Each location is beautifully shot and used extensively to help the story move forward. The scene below illustrates the beautiful location work, stunts and stories coming together.

The action is like a Hong Kong action film on steroids. No CGI here, all the outdoor wire repelling off, around, in and out of buildings is real and breathtaking to watch. It reminded me of Jackie Chan's amazing stunt work. Get the subtitles for your language, because this film goes from Korean to Chinese to Japanese to English constantly.

Trivia - The highest grossing theatrical film in South Korea.